The radio was consistent with its times and with that it was difficult for females to broadcast as Mrs. Dorothy Lamour exchanged lines with Fred Nahaus who was a writer, and producer who also emceed on Saturdays at t he Shamrock during its first 4 years on the air.And it was a first and a sudden short lived one day radio broadcast from the Shamrock Hotel.
As years passed there were many long lived DJ's who gave many years of service to KXYZ which made it a very successful radio station.
And the fact that women were not included until the infamous talk show of the first DJ Female, Joy Mladenka, who spoke to a morning audience  with the latest news of fashion and beauty and had some of the most fascinating guests of the world who were female drama series actresses on the air. 

There were limitations as to multicultural radio but the few that were present made its way in Houston as well and it continues today.


And as the decades passed from the 20th century and now into the 21st century, a transition from analog equipment to digital is what makes the sound of music and talk a grand success.

Today, the opportunity to restore the multicultural roots of the TEJANO Sound in Texas is Paramount after two decades of neglecting our cultural richness of music.

And yes, KXYZ 1320 AM Radio has given such culture, an AMERICAN MEXICAN who was born and raised in Texas, the JOY of listening once again to the sounds of TEJANO Music.

It's name is: HOUSTON'S FINEST TEJANO RADIO KXYZ 1320 AM and our slogan will be "THE BEST LISTENING IN TOWN" going back to its original slogan.

And I, Dorothy am grateful to have been given the opportunity to resurrect the most precious multicultural sound of TEXAS.  It is a beautiful mix of polka,with orchestrated horn section, with a cross of country western swing. That is how I can best explain it. And we are proud to say that our cultural Music can and will extend to the upcoming generations to come.

Thank you for the opportunity and we look forward to recapturing the Tejano listeners and those of you who have always kept it dear to your heart.

The inception of KXYZ radio began in Aug.1930. It was previously KTUE Radio which originated Aug. 1926 in the basement of the texas state hotel downtown houston.  and it was owned by U HALT ELECTRICAL CO. AND LATER BOUGHT BY A GLEN MC CARTHY ENTERPRISE  which became KXYZ and moved its location to the infamous Shamrock Houston which was the most exquisite hotel of its times.